Nestled amongst rolling hills,
tranquil lakes, dormant
volcanoes and Indian
Villages in the Central
Highlands of the Mexican
state of Michoacán,
Pátzcuaro is about 45
minutes from Morelia, and
about 3-4 hours from
Guadalajara, Mexico City
and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.
Getting to Pátzcuaro
Where is Pátzcuaro?
Map of Michoacan, Mexico, Patzcuaro
Getting to Pátzcuaro
Reproduced from
with the permission of Tony Burton
Pátzcuaro is accessible
by plane, bus or car,
depending on where
you're coming from and
how you like to travel.

The Morelia (MLM)
Airport is about 1.5 hours
away and the Uruapan
and Morelia Bus Station
are less than an hour.

Here is some more
including directions

(from US)

(from MX)

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Pátzcuaro Region, check out
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What to do once you get to Patzcuaro